How To Track Your Stolen Laptop /PC

Every thought of finding your laptop / PC when got stolen ? It has never be easy to find your laptop and you have 99% of losing it, Microsoft brought this utility to Windows phone with Windows 10 recently. The number of phones that run Windows 10 are however very few …

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Easy way to Fix Slow or Unstable Wi-Fi Connection

How to Fix Slow or Unstable Wi-Fi Connection What Causes Wi-Fi Congestion? Picture a radio station tower. In any region there may exist dozens of stations. Each radio tower shoots an invisible wave of radiation, known as a frequency, from the tower to your radio. Adjusting the radio’s dial changes the channel. But …

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How to send large files through email

How to send large files through email A lot of internet users send files via emails. However there is one problem and that is that you can only send files with limited sizes. Let’s take example of Gmail. Gmail allows its users to send maximum data attachments of 25 MB.This …

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How to Restore a dead or dying laptop/pc battery

How to make you dead laptop battery working again with Freezing Method: If your laptop/PC battery is dead or is not. Charging up to 100% or it doesn’t last longer again, you can get it working again by freezing the battery This sound crazy but it works like charm. Even …

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