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Download Anonytun VPN beta v5.0 Apk (Without Ads)

Download Anonytun vpn Beta V5.0 apk which is quite difference with the official AnonyTun. This anonytun vpn beta 5.0 and the official version have the same interface and same configuration setting, but the background color is different and language preference of AnonyTun Beta is in Spanish.

Features of Anonytun VPN beta v5.0

  1. It is ads free
  2. Very fast and download speed is quite amazing compare to the official anonytun vpn.
  3. It has a beautiful and friendly interface with same configuration settings with anonytun.
  4. It doesn’t eat up your battery, ram or hang your phone since it is ads free.


Download Anonytun VPN beta v5.0 apk details.

  • App name: anonytun VPN beta
  • version: v5.9
  • App size: 2.7mb
  • Apk Download link: Download anonytun VPN beta v5.0 apk here

Note: You don’t need to uninstall the official AnonyTun VPN. You can install both of them on your phone and run them on your choice.

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