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Simple Trick To Stop Twitter Video Auto Play

Here is a simple trick to stop twitter video from auto playing, Twitter video auto play is so annoying at times what make it a bit cool is that they don’t have sound when the video is playing, But still annoys some people.!

And I’ve come up with a simple trick to stop twitter video auto play on both web and mobile view. Let’s get started with the trick to stop videos from auto playing on web view.


Click on your  profile picture in the top right of the Twitter web site, and then select Settings and Privacy.

Scroll down to Content and under Video Tweets, uncheck the box that says “Video Auto play”.

Click Save Changes, enter your password, and then click Save Changes again.

Now videos won’t start playing until you click on them

As easy as that.! You have stopped the twitter video auto play on you twitter account when using the web.


Now let me show you the trick how to stop twitter video auto play, WHEN USING A MOBILE PHONE.

On Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, the process is a little different. Open the Twitter app, go to your Profile page, tap the Settings icon, and select Settings and Privacy.

Go to Data Usage > Video Auto play.

Change it from Mobile Date & Wi-Fi to Never, tap the back arrow and then tap Done.

With this simple trick you have stopped twitter videos from auto playing in your mobile phone.

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