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Download Stark Vpn v3.8 apk | Stark Vpn 3.8 apk

Here comes Another version of stark vpn v3.8 has just been released. This new Stark VPN version 3.8 features some new improvements and also minor bug fixes. With stark vpn free browsing updates and as usual you can download Stark v3.8 apk right here.

Stark VPN v3.8 apk  Features/description 
Stark VPN is a free and simple vpn application.

Stark VPN also let’s you browse free on MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo network. While the Etisalat free browsing tweak with Stark VPN is capped at 60mb per day, the Glo tweak is unlimited.
Stark VPN is….
* Stark vpn v.3.8 have 12 free server with are unlimited..
* easy to use
* unlimited data (*)
* secured connection
* compression support
* stark vpn 3.8 …  Low battery/ram usage
* torrent friendly
Download and enjoy

Latest stark VPN 3.8 apk download details  2017

➡ App Name : Stark VPN 
➡ Version : V3.8
➡ Stark VPN 3.8 apk download size : 3.9 MB
➡ Latest stark VPN 3.8 apk download link : Download latest stark vpn ➡ Here

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What’s new in stark VPN v3.8 apk

Stark VPN v3.8 was updated on 2017-04-29
➡ new servers
➡ new tweak (etisalat unlimited).
➡ New free browsing servers update.

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  1. Hello admin, I always enjoy this for everything you are drop for us in this site keep it up.! all the best…! please I’m try to download the latest Sterk vpn 3.8 but is always direct me https://url……. page not exists. so any solution for this please.

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