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Update! New Glo Data Plan 2017 With New Data Rate

The way sad news are coming out from these GSM and internet network providers these days is becoming alarming and making one to start thinking otherwise.

Just recently, Etisalat reduce their weekly N200 data plan volume, MTN on the other hand joined the data zappers group and now drinks data like sucking juice with a straw, Airtel also recently suspend their cheapest weekly data plan , now another sad one is coming from the acclaimed grand masters of data Glo, as Glo has slashed down the data volumes of their data plans by half i.e by 100%

The one and only thing that was keeping subscribers stuck to Glo network was because of their cheap data plans but now that they have decided to go otherwise, are you sure they can meet up with the competition?
The Glo N500 for 1.6GB weekly data plan has the data volume slashed down to 800MB, while the monthly data plans also have their data volume slashed down by 100%

N1000 data plan now gives you 1.6GB as against 3.2GB

N2000 gives you 3.7GB against 7.5GB

N2500 gives 5GB against 10GB

And N3000 gives you 6GB against 12GB
All we can say at this moment is that anybody that find this latest development unsuitable, the last time we checked, porting to other network is still feasible.

Check the new and old glo data Rate below.

Glo new data plan 2017

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