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Reasons why Glo Reduce Their Data Plans

Recently A Trend Has been All Over The Net Concerning Glo Reducing Their Data Plan, This Keeps many Glo Customers In Tension and Many people have been Pouring out their Feeling on the Networks, Not just That A Concerned Customer took to Their Twitter Page to Question Glo Reason While they Reduced their Data Plans for God Sake, But This was The Response he Gets from GloWorld Network.


Hello, “data caps” has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the plan TT.

glo increase data plan


    1. Many Have been Asking ad Questioning What they actually Mean By This, But A Blog Readers Explained This By Saying:

Glo new data plan 2017

In case Like This Subscribers Also Have to be Informed and Not Just Only The Effects, At Least with this we can still Go Ahead and Subscribe but the data which has been Reflected on their Data List will Really Make glo to Loss Customers.

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