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Best Solar Charger For Android Phone 2017

Need a good solar charger to power up your phone ? Here the the best solar charger for Android 2017 that you can get fully charged with sun, But don’t expect it to quickly get a full charge like your wall power outlet !

Below are the best solar charger for Android phone 2017 and a little highlight of each of the best solar charger for android phone 2017

1. ••➡ Anker PowerPort Solar Lite
2. ••➡ Dizaul solar charger for android phone
3. ••➡ Voltaic Systems Amp solar charger for android phone
4. ••➡ Ayyie solar charger for android phone

1. Quick review of Anker PowerPort Solar Lite.

Anker PowerPort Solar Lite charger for android phone

The Wirecutter’s top choice for best battery bank also belongs at the top of our list. Anker makes excellent charging products and the PowerPort Solar Lite fits in well. This 15W charger is very thin (0.7 inches folded or 0.2 open) and lightweight (12.5 ounces), making it perfect for long treks where lightening your load is imperative.

This solar charger is so efficient that you can charge two devices simultaneously, and it can charge at up to 2.1 amps in direct sunlight, making it about as fast as regular chargers under ideal conditions. Without an actual battery, you don’t have to wait for the PowerPort to charge up — just grab it and hit the trails.

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2. Quick review of Dizaul solar charger.

Dizaul solar charger for android phone

Diuzaul’s solar charger is one of Amazon’s best sellers and 73% of its reviews are 5 stars. Its size makes it ideal for camping or hiking, and it’s waterproof, so if you’re traversing waterfalls, you won’t kill it. The 5,000mAh battery is handy just in case you have to hide from a bear in a cave (worst place to hide, by the way) — just don’t expect it to charge quickly. By opting for a smaller solar charger, you do compromise on the size of its solar panels, meaning it’ll take quite a while to charge fully (even in direct sunlight). That being said, if you’re looking for a portable option that can hold on to a charge in battery form, then definitely check it out.

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3. Quick review of Voltaic Systems Amp solar charger 

Voltaic Systems Amp solar charger for android phone

Voltaic Systems’ Amp solar charger is a neat little device that features a removable 4,000mAh battery, which can be charged by sunlight or via USB. The Amp has two solar panels that are waterproof and covered in a self-healing plastic that can withstand some abuse (kind of like some screen protectors). About 3.5 hours in direct sunlight should fully charge your phone (according to Voltaic Systems), which is pretty quick for most solar chargers, but that is probably under ideal conditions, so you’ll wanna be patient with this one, as with all solar chargers.

Designed for the rugged life, the solar panels and battery are housed in a rugged and lightweight, water- and UV-resistant fabric made from recycled soft drink bottles.

If you need your solar charger to withstand a bit of the rough and tumble, go with the Amp.

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4. Quick review of Ayyie solar charger.

Ayyie solar charger for android phone

At about the size of a larger phone, the Ayyie solar charger is another awesome option made with portability in mind. This charger is perfect for the happy wanderer, being water, shock, and dustproof, and it features a two-LED flashlight with multiple settings, including S.O.S. Five indicators will show you the status of the internal 10,000mAh battery, and once full, you’ll be able to charge most phones at least twice. Again, a smaller unit means smaller solar panels, so it’ll take a long time to fully charge the battery on Sun juice alone.

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There you have it the best solar charger for Android 2017…
Which solar charger are you using ? Is it better than the listed solar charger above? Let us know by commenting. !!

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