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Mtn Tariff Plans And Migration Codes + Mtn Cheap Tariff Plans 2017

Complete list and review of mtn tariff plans 2017 am going to give a complete review of each of the tariff plan e.g mtn ipulse, Mtn beta talk, Mtn zone etc.

Let’s begin with the review….. Kindly take note of all the tariff plan do that you can choose the cheap one among all 

MTN Pulse tariff plan Information And Benefits
* Flat calling rate of 11k/s to all networks in Nigeria.

* ₦25 for 500MB usable between 12p.m. — 4.0 at night

* ₦500 for 1GB data subs, legitimate for 7 days

*Better browsing experience.
Cheapest Mtn Tariff Plans And Migration Codes 2017
Downside Of Mtn Pulse

* No extra bonus on recharge.

* No described charges for global calls abroad.

* First 50 seconds on call in the day are charged at 20k/s.

The Calculations, 
With Pulse you get 14 minutes 28 seconds for ₦100 recharge and 29 minutes 37 seconds for ₦200 Migration code to MTN Pulse is *406*1# or text 406 to 131.

MTN Beta Talk tariff plan information And Benefits

* 200% bonus on recharges above a #100

*Call rate for international calls are moderate

* No first call costs.

Downsides Of Mtn BetaTalk
* calling rate to all networks is at 40k/s constant.

*No extra percentage bonus.

* ₦25 for 500MB night data not available for this plan.

* Data is more expensive than on pulse, ie ₦500 won’t get you 1gb.

* No defined fees for global calls.

The Calculations

With BetaTalk you get 12 minutes 30 seconds for ₦100 recharge & 25 mins for ₦200.
>>Migration code to Beta Talk is
 *123*2*6# or sms BT to 131.

MTN Xtra provides traiff plan Information And Benefits 
* calling rate on all networks at 11k/s.

*Calls abroad is moderate and Okey with this plan

* No extra bonus credit on recharge.

* ₦5 fees daily to enjoy the 11k/s fee.

* ₦25 for 500MB night plan absent

* ₦500 won’t buy you 1gb data on this plan

* No described charges for worldwide calls.

The calculations

With XtraPro you get 14 mins 24 seconds worth of calls for #100 and 29 minutes 30 seconds for ₦200.
>>To Migrate To MTN XtraPro dial
 *401*1# or sms 401 to 131.

MTN Xtra special traiff plan Information And Benefits

* calling rate of all networks is at 15k/s.

*  Make international calls to some regions additionally charge 15k/s.

* The price is always standard with no extra charges

* Data is not as cheap as Mtn pulse as you cant get 1gb at 500.

* ₦25 for 500MB night bundle plan not available

The Calculations 

With XtraSpecial you get 11 mins 6 seconds for a one hundred naira and 22 mins 12 seconds for a two hundred naira,
>>To migrate To MTN XtraSpecial Dial *408*1# or text 408 to 131.

MTN Truetalk Plan tariff plan Information And Benefits 
* one hundred fifty% bonus on each recharge starting from a hunger naira.

* MTN to MTN rate at 20k/s

* MTN  to MTN calling rate is  20k/s.

* MTN to other networks calling rate is at 26k/s.

* ₦25 for 500MB night data not available.

* ₦500 won’t be able to buy 1gb of data on this plan unlike the Mtn pulse.

* No defined rates for global calls.

The calculations

With TruTalk you get 16 minutes for  #100 and 32 mins 3 seconds for ₦200 on calls from MTN to different Networks. Migration code to MTN TruTalk is *123*2*1# or text four hundred to 131 (400 to 131).

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MTN sector
Couple of years again, it used to be one of the first-class price lists. At that point you may get calling rate for as low as 1k/s. The plan later degenerated to 40k/s and people opted out. despite the fact that the tariff continues to be listed on Migration code (while you dial *123*2*7#), MTN has sooner or later discontinued it.

through combining the information , the backside , and the calculations of each of the listed MTN tariffs, you have  seen that every tariffs come with sweets and baddies. however relying in your calling behaviour, one is better than the opposite; and right here is my advice in choosing the excellent for you:

MTN Pulse: this suits you if you are a heavy Internet user  and also make call often. ₦500 for 1GB records and 14 mins 28 seconds for a hundred is excellent offers, but u may get on the opposite tariffs if you don’t like this.

MTN BetaTalk: the bonus of this tariff is cosmetic. The 40k/s price kills both the bonus and your major credit score; however it is a great tariff to consider for some people .

MTN TruTalk: that is great plan for  you if ninety five(95%) of the buddies you call are on MTN.

* MTN XtraPro: this tariff is almost like MTN Pulse; however with the reasonably-priced  offers on MTN Pulse, MTN Pulse is little better.

MTN XtraSpecial: this tariff is best for you, in case you frequently make local and international calls.

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Now that you have seem how this things work you can go ahead and choose the one that best works for you, as for me… MTN PULSE ROCKD

There you have it Mtn Tariff Plans And Migration Codes + Mtn Cheap Tariff Plans 2017

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