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Sliide Airtime BlackFriday Deals + Unlimited Cash Out

Hey guys ! Today is a special day, And I guess you must be thinking that it’s about BlackFriday, oh yea it’s about BlackFriday hope you are enjoying your BlackFriday?

 Sliide airtime want you to enjoy your BlackFriday. If you an old Sliide airtime user and you have a lot of airtime in your Sliide airtime app, and you wish to cash out all your airtime then I have good news for you.

As you can now cash out all your airtime (unlimited cash out) in your Sliide airtime app with a bonus of each cash out you made but it must be #150 or #200 cash out !!

For example of you have up to #1000 and above you can cash it all out, you will get a bonus of #500 for cashing out the #1000

•• Recharge #200 from your Sliide airtime app only #100 will be deducted from your main balance
••• Unlimited cash out no limit.

Was this helpful ? Hope you made good use of this opportunity ?

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