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Latest MTN Free Browsing On PC with Your-Freedom Vpn

Mtn hot PC unlimited free browsing cheat is here again and this time we are going to be using an old VPN called Your-freedom, The reason I called it old VPN is because I think many people don’t know about Your-freedom VPN unlike other VPNs like Netloop aKa simple server, netify VPN, etc.

How to configure Your-freedom VPN for PC unlimited free browsing cheat

1 > Goto Your-freedom website by clicking here  with your any of your  browser.
2 > Register an account with them and activate it
3 > Write down your Username and Password ( because you are going to use it to login your Your-freedom VPN app )
4 > After creating an account download the latest your-freedom software fom their website ( select the kind of PC you have )
5 > Then install it on your PC
6 > Get Your USB Modem ready for action

follow the instructions below
Open Your-freedom VPN in your pc
1Click On Configure
* On Your-Freedom Server Address Tab Enter this XML server name = ems02.your-freedom.de or ems19.your-freedom.de
Then PORT: 53.
Connection Mode Drop Dropdown ,=> DNS => Select TWEAK NIGERIA MTN
For Option Select And Tick , 1,3,7,6.
After setting up the above, just leave the rest as it is and move on to the next step.

Now Input Your Account Registration Info in Account Tab .. Your username and password

After that, click SAVE

That’s all for the configuration.

You can now connect your mtn modem using the default connection settings. Do just that and go back to Your freedom and click CONNECT.

Now locate any browser you wanna use and change your and change your IP and port to ;

proxy address :
Port: 8080

Happy free browsing guys !

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