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How To Replace Your Android Charger With the Right Charger

Now days there are lot of take chargers and buying the right charger for your android phone is kinda hard for some people but today am going to show you how you get the right charger for your android phone.

When making a purchase for your next smartphone charger it would be of great importance to you if you are fully arm with right information that will help you in detecting the right charger for your phone. A bad phone charger could be harmful to your phone and can reduce the life span of your phone battery. And sometimes it now takes longer before your android battery is fully charged

If you don’t want to go through the pains of continuous replacement of phone batteries then follow me as I take you through a simple visual experiment that you can perform to know whether your phone charger is a slow or fast charger.

Every phone charger has an output power ratings which is peculiar to each batteries. If you pick up that your charger now and look underneath, the output power ratings is clearly written in form of 5V—-1A (5V—-1000mA) or 5V—-2A or (5V—-2000mA).

If the output unit underneath your phone charger is 5V—-1000mA or lesser then you should know that your phone charger has a slow charging capacity but if what you have underneath your charger is 5V—2000mA then you should definitely knows that you have a fast charging capacity charger.
Also let me quickly tips in time taken for your charger to charge your battery fully depends on your charger and your battery capacity.

Assuming you have a battery capacity of 4000mAh and your charger output is 1A—1000mA. It will take approximately 4 hours for your battery to be fully charge.
If you charge your phones with fast chargers you’re definitely going to enjoy charging phones especially when there is epileptic power nation. Meanwhile, you should try to always buy your charger from well know online shop like can Konga, Jumia, Aliexpress, Dealdey etc

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