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Glo unlimited free browsing for PC / Laptop 2016

Good days guys welcome to Jboytech. For long time now we are enjoying unlimited free browsing using our Glo sim on our Android phones. Finally its time for we to also browse unlimitedly with PC / laptop,

If you are current in this blog then it won’t be that difficult for you to configure, your pc / laptop for the glo unlimited free browsing because we are still using thesame old method we used on our android phone with uc mini handler !

Need items are :

  1. A good working USB modem
  2. Glo sim ( without data inside and it should have #0.0 )
  3. Good internet connection 
  4. Uc mini handler for your PC / laptop ( .exe ) download the uc mini handler for PC / laptop here 

After downloading the uc mini handler open it and ;
Click On :: Network Settings
Proxy type: REAL HOST
Proxy server: redirect.glo.com
Real proxy type: default (you can also use HTTP)
Real proxy port: 80

After that click on SAVE CHANGES, and click save again at your left hand side to fully launch UC mini handler.

Please Don’t touch / change any other settings apart from the once I asked you to change ( for the gurus if you wanna change or add IP address and port click and hold on Ctrl + O in your keyboard to see the advance settings remember I said for the GURUS not NOVICE )

If you wanna download large files with your PC / laptop you should use the same method we are using in your android phone; Ooops did you miss that thread ? If yes click here for full detail.

Happy Free browsing guys Enjoy. !

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